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Gautam Bhatia Navin Gupta Architects: Leading Resort Design Architects In Delhi

Gautam Bhatia Navin Gupta Architects is a premier architectural firm based in Gulmohar Park, the heart of New Delhi. Our firm has created a unique niche in the space of resort architecture over the past 40 years or so. As well-known resort architects, we have an in-depth understanding of the nuances that make a resort not just a random stay, but an unforgettable experience.

Excellence in Resort Architecture

Our extensive portfolio boasts of our extensive experience in resort architecture. We have had the privilege of designing and executing numerous resorts in varied locations like the mountains of Uttarakhand, the landscapes of Rajasthan, the lush greenery of Kerala, and the historic sites of Madhya Pradesh. Each project is proof of our commitment to excellence and creativity in resort architecture.

Designs the Win Awards

Over the years, Gautam Bhatia Navin Gupta Architects have won numerous awards and accolades, recognizing our commitment to top-notch design and sustainability. Being resort design specialists in India, we take pride in creating spaces that are culturally sensitive, sustainable and of course aesthetically pleasing. Our design and conceptualization is a blend of the traditional as well as the modern, to ensure each visitor has a unique and memorable experience. 

Resort Design Solutions Tailor-Made for You

As resort architects, we understand that each location has its own challenges as well as unique charm, this is reflected in our tailored approach to every project. We design according to each client’s needs and vision, with a watchful eye on the landscape, culture, and unique project requirements. 

Get In Touch

At Gautam Bhatia Navin Gupta Architects, we believe in building relationships as strong as our designs. We offer a free consultation to understand your needs and vision for your resort project. For all those looking for resort architects in Delhi or resort designers in India, look no further than us. Give us a call at 011-41740550 or drop us a line at gbhatia100@gmail.com.