Making Delhi Livable: Architects in the national capital

March 26, 2024

At the center of India, Delhi is a city of markets and malls, monuments and historic places. A capital city with all facilities, and yet promises a green and sustainable life for its long term residents. To live well is a long term promise of the city.

Introduction to Delhi’s Landscape

The importance of usable outdoor spaces whether for sport or merely for informal recreation and meeting makes Delhi into a green eco system. The shade of old trees, new shrubbery and grassy mounds made in harmony with local ecology and weather patterns allows for an environment of sustainability that blends aesthetics and functionality.

Expert architects and Landscape Professionals

Delhi accommodates the highest quality professional architects, well know throughout the country for innovative design approaches. Their projects range from residences, gardens, hotels, resorts, schools, housing and urban design. Green heavens, all natural and thoughtful layouts are seen in all the professional work.

Architectural Innovations

Delhi’s architects are well known for their innovations in design and landscape. The deftly use traditional techniques and modern knowledge to organize building spaces not only appropriate to the climate but exceptional and beautiful. Environmental challenges are met skillfully so as to improve rainwater charging and microclimate.

Greening the City

The success of Delhi as a green city is in part due to the many successful architectural and landscape projects and practices, most executed with a liberal inclusion of  tree cover, shade and water fountains and outdoor designs. Large public parks as well as roof top gardens, extensive vegetable growth has all only added to the transformation of the city into a green zone.

Sustainable Buildings and Climate Change

By using architecture to address ideas on climate change, the city becomes an interesting experiment in urban living. Architects contribute to its long term development by enhancing civic functions and overall aesthetics. Architects thus create a constantly innovative environment that shapes a better and sustainable future.

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