Gautam Bhatia is an architect, writer and artist.


A recipient of several awards of for his buildings..

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His sculpture and drawings..

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He has published books on architecture and satire...

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Gautam Bhatia’s formal training is of an architect and artist. Over the course of three decades of practice in Delhi, and early work experience on a variety of projects in the US, he is firmly established as one of the country’s foremost architects, building a range of residential, institutional, recreational, hospitality and heritage projects – including schools, housing, spas, and private homes. Among his better-known works are the Devigarh Palace Hotel, Indira Gandhi Childrens Retreat, Monolith Resort, and Kalmatia Sangam Spa, among others. Each project has been carefully assessed for its site condition, resolution of the terrain, availability of local materials and techniques. Within these constraints, the design is always done to create surprising panoramas and space variations, drawing the building into new and innovative possibilities.

Projects Listing

Hotels and Resorts

Bagh Aman- Luxury Resort  near Alwar, Rajasthan – Aman Resorts, Indonesia, 1998

Devigarh Palace Hotel- Luxury Heritage Resort, Delwara, Udaipur, 1999

Received Inside Outside Designer Of The Year Award For Resort Architecture 

Monolith Resorts – a 22 Cottage Resort, Bhimtal, Uttaranchal, 2000 

Received the Architect of the Year 2000 Award for Public Building Category from J.K. Cement Works

Received Special Mention, Recreational Architecture Award of A+D and Spectrum Foundation Architecture Awards 2003

Hotel Satya Ashok- Renovation of a 60 Room Hotel, Jabalpur, 2003

Haiwatha Resort, Kanha National Park, 2003

Wellness Resort, Jabalpur (Design), 2005

Tree House Resort, Corbett National Park, 2005 

Received the Award for the Best Hospitality Project of the Foundation for Architectural & Environmental Awareness 2008

The Buransh, Hotel and Arts Centre, Kausani, 2012

Courtyard House, Kanha National Park, 2013

Kalmatia Sangam Spa, Almora, 2016

Lahore House Hotel, Haridwar (On Hold)

Resort, Kotabagh (Ongoing)

Resort, Dhanachuli (Ongoing)

Resort, Mashobra, Shimla (Ongoing)

Resort, Aluva (Ongoing)


Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal (Associate to Principal Arch., A.D Raje)IIFM, 1984

Centre for the Adult Deaf, Pallavoor, Tamil Nadu, Nambikkai Foundation, 1988

Centre for the Blind, Rohini, Delhi, AICB, 1988

District Institute for Educational Training, Gangtok, Sikkim, Govt. of Sikkim, 1990

Bhartendu Natya Akademi – Theatre and Museum Complex, Lucknow, 1991

40 bed Cancer Hospice, New Delhi, Shanti Avedna Ashram, 1997

Indira Gandhi Children’s Retreat , Damdama Lake, Haryana,Indian  Council for Child Welfare, 1999

Received THE ARCHITECT OF THE YEAR 1998 AWARD, Public Building from J K Cement Works.

Received the Institutional Architecture Award of the A+D and Spectrum Foundation Architecture Awards 2003

Revitalization of Taj Mahal, Bhopal (a feasibility report), INTACH , 2005

Revitalization of Nabha Fort, Nabha, Punjab  (a feasibility report), INTACH, 2005

Architectural Competition for NID PG Campus at Gandhinagar (Semifinalist), NID , 2008

Architectural Competition for Civil Secretariat at Itanagar, 1st prize, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh, 2008

Cricket Pavilion, Pilibhit, LH Sugar Factory, 2010

Animal Hospital, Chandigarh (Ongoing), People For Animals


Commercial Complex/Shopping Mall, Jabalpur (Design), 2005

Jewellery   Showroom, Jabalpur, 2006

Maruti Showroom, Jabalpur, 2007

Office Building, Jabalpur, 2009

Conference Centre, Babrala, UP  (Design), Tata Chemicals, 2010

Office Building for ASEED, Greater Noida, 2013

Honda Showroom, Jabalpur, 2014

Maruti Showroom, Dindori, MP, 2014

Maruti Showroom and Workshop, Narsingpur, MP (Ongoing)

Maruti Workshop, Jabalpur (Ongoing)


Ashok Hall Girls Residential School , Ranikhet, Uttaranchal, GD Birla Memorial Trust, 1992

Cambridge Primary School, New Delhi, 2003

Satya Prakash Public School – A 1000 Student Day- Boarding School, Jabalpur, 2003

School, Modinagar, UP, 2008

Religious Buildings

Catholic Church, Panipat, 1989

World Buddhist Cultural Centre, Nagarjunakonda  (Design), 2009


Modi House, New Delhi, Mr. N.K. Modi, Delhi, 1988

Ramesh House , Ranikhet, Dr. Ramesh, 1989

Sahni House, Noida, Mr. I P Sahni, 1993

Geeta Hariharan House, Bangalore, Mr. P S Hariharan, 1994

Narain House, Noida, Mr. Sandeep Narain, 1996

Kumar House, Gurgaon , Mr. Pramod Kumar, 1996

Sood House, Gurgaon, Mr. Vijay Sood, 1998

Das House, Gurgaon, Mr. Arvind Das, 1999

Sen House, New Delhi, Mr. Jai Sen, 2001

Arora House, Jabalpur, Mr. Deepak Arora, 2001

Shah House, Jabalpur, Mr. Hitesh Shah, 2001

Goil House, Noida, Mr. Sunil Goil, 2002

Sarkar House, Gurgaon , Mrs. M. Sarkar, 2002

Grover House, Jabalpur, Mr. Anil Grover, 2003

Jalan House, New Delhi, Dr. Bimal Jalan, 2003

Banerjee House, Jabalpur, Dr. Sanjeev Banerjee, 2008

Arora House, Bhopal, Mr. Raj Arora, 2008

Mangla House, New Delhi, Mr. Rajiv & Dr. Anju Mangla, 2008

Dhirawani House, Jabalpur, Dr. Rajesh Dhirawani, 2009

Ahmadi House, Saatal, Nainital, Ms. Tasneem Ahmadi, 2011

Prasad Haveli Renovations, Pilibhit, Mr. Sidharth Prasad, 2011

Chibba House, Gurgaon, Mr. Rajan and Mrs. Mini Chibba, 2012

Lake House, Kumarakam, Mr. Pawan Sukhdev, 2012

Pathak House, Jabalpur, Mr. Sanjay Pathak, 2012

Bhola House, Jabalpur, Mr. Jitesh and Ankur Bhola, 2012

Chokhani House renovation, New Delhi, Mr. Jagdish Chokhani, 2012

Agarwal House, Jabalpur, Mr. Rakesh Agarwal, 2012

Ahmadi House, New Delhi, Ms. Tasneem Ahmadi, 2013

Goel House, Jabalpur, Mr. Anil Goel, 2014

Singh House, Jabalpur, Mr. Jagat Sher Singh, 2014

Pathak House, Katni, Mr. Sanjay Pathak, 2014

Shrivastava House, Jabalpur, Mr. N K Shrivastava, 2014

Chhabra House, Ranikhet, Ms. Rami Chhabra, 2014

Pande House, Noida, Ms. Alka Pande, 2014

Sethi House, Conoor, Mr. Arvind Sethi, 2015

Agarwal House, New Delhi, Mr. Anil Agarwal,2016

Gupta House, Jabalpur  (Ongoing)Mr. Atul Gupta

Keswani House, Jabalpur (Ongoing) Mr. Keswani

Singh House, Jabalpur (Ongoing) Mr. Alok Singh

Bhagat House, Ranikhet (Ongoing)Ms. Lekha Bhagat

Jain House, Jabalpur (Ongoing) Mr. Pinky Jain

Golchha House, Jabalpur (Ongoing) Dr. Vivek Golchha

Khemka House, Ranikhet (Ongoing) Mr. Deepak Khemka

Farm Houses

Gupta Farms- A group of Houses with common Club House, Manesar, 1991

Baidyanath Farms- A Family House, Patna, 2001

Sharma Farms- A Farmhouse on 2.5 Acres, Chattarpur, New Delhi, 2005

Bhartia Farms- A Farmhouse on 2.5 Acres, New Delhi, 2009

Chokhani Farms- A Farmhouse on 2.5 Acres, New Delhi, 2013


Honda Showroom, Jabalpur, 2006

Aura Inc. Office, New Delhi, 2007

Biz-Tech Office, New Delhi, 2007

Jewellery Showroom, Jabalpur, 2008

Residence Interiors, Jabalpur for Dr. Mukesh Khare, 2008

Residence Interiors, Jabalpur, for Mr. Naveen Gupta, 2009

Maruti Showroom and Workshop, Jabalpur, 2010

Residence Interiors, Jabalpur for Mr. Daryani, 2012

Residence Interiors, Jabalpur for Mr. Ravi Jaiswal, 2012

4 Apartments, Chindwara (Ongoing) for Mr. Pramod Bhasin

Apartment, Chindwara, for Mr. Sudhir Pandey

Apartment, Jabalpur (Ongoing)for Mr. Ricky Makan

Sood Apartment, Bangalore (Ongoing)


Development of 100 acre Housing Estate, Orlando, Florida, USA (Design) , 2002

Siliguri Township on 230 Acres for SJDA (Design)  for Vipul Infrastructure P Ltd, 2010

Residential Development of 125 Acres, Jabalpur (Ongoing) for Mr. Anil Goel


Courtyard Apartments, Noida, Ashiana Housing Ltd, 1990

100 Type V Residential Units, New Delhi, HUDCO/ Ministry of UD, New Delhi, 2003 

Received Commendation Trophy  for Apartment Planning 2003 A+D & Spectrum Foundation Architecture Awards 

Hamlet- 15 farmhouses at Sattaal,  Nainital (Ongoing) for Mr. Vijay Shrivastava & Ms. Tasneem Ahmadi

32 Apartments, New Delhi(Ongoing) for Mr. Gautam Anand

96 Apartments,  Jabalpur (Ongoing) for Mr. Kadeer Soni

200 Apartments, Chindwara (Ongoing) for Shubh Vastu P Ltd

100 Apartments (Ongoing) for Mr. Neeraj Jindal


  •  Award for The Best Hospitality Project of  the Foundation For Architectural & Environmental Awareness, 2008 for Treehouse Resort, Corbett National Park , Uttranchal , India .
  •  First Prize- Architectural Competition for the Secretariat at Itanagar, for the Government of  Arunachal Pradesh, 2008
  •  Institutional Architecture Award of the A+D & Spectrum Foundation Architecture Awards (2003), for the Indira Gandhi Children’s Retreat, Damdama Lake, Haryana, India
  •  Commendation Trophy of the Habitat Award for Apartment Planning of the A+D & Spectrum Foundation Architecture Awards (2003),for        Housing Scheme for HUDCO/Ministry of Urban Development at HUDCO Place, Andrews Ganj, New Delhi, India.
  •  Special Mention, Recreational Architecture Award of the A+D & Spectrum Foundation Architecture Awards (2003), for Monolith Resorts at Bhimtal, Uttranchal. India.
  •  1st Commendation Award , Architectural Competition for Mahatma Gandhi Antarashtriya Hindi  Vishvavidyalaya at Wardha, Pune, 2002.
  •  JK Cement Architect of the Year (2000), Public Building Category, for Monolith Resorts at Bhimtal, Uttranchal, India.
  •  Inside Outside Designer of the Year (1999) Award for the Rehabilitation of Devigarh Hotel, Udaipur,  India.
  •  JK Cement Architect of the Year (1998), Public Building Category, for the Indira Gandhi Children’s Retreat, Damdama Lake, Haryana, India.
  •  First Prize – Architectural Competition for Muskaan Institute, New Delhi, 1998.
  •  First Prize – Architectural Competition for the CRY-OXFAM Headquarters, New Delhi, 1994.
  •  First Prize – Architectural Competition for Gandhi Memorial, New Delhi, 1990.
  •  First Prize – Architectural Competition for the Indira Gandhi Children’s Retreat, Haryana, 1987.
  •  Second Prize – International Competition for the Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts, New Delhi, 1986.

Published Projects

  • Lake House, Spa Resort, Varna Library     Architecture + Design, 2016
  • Catholic Church, Panipat                               Elle Décor, 2011
  • Tree Top Resort, Corbett                              Indian Architect & Builder, 2010
  • Office Profile                                                    Architecture + Design, Nov 2007
  • Monolith Resort, Bhimtal                              a+u, Oct 2007
  • Monolith Resort, Bhimtal                              Architecture + Design, Mar 2004
  • Residential Units at HUDCO Place,            Architecture + Design, Mar 2004
  • Indira Gandhi Children’s Retreat,               Times of India
  • Damdama Lake                                               Architecture + Design, Mar 2004
  •                                                                                Contemporary World Atlas, Phaidon, 2000.
  • Devigarh Palace Hotel, Udaipur                  Inside Outside, April 2000
  •                                                                                 Inside Outside, Sep 2000
  •                                                                                 Architektur und Design, Germany
  •                                                                                 Elle Design, Paris
  • Sood/ Das/ Hariharan/ Ramesh Houses     Inside Outside, Feb 1999
  • Bharatendu Natya Academy,                        Architecture + Design, Mar 1998
  • DIET Complex, Gangtok                                  Indian Architect & Builder, Mar 1997
  • Twin Houses at Ranikhet                                  Inside Outside, May 1992
  • School for the Blind                                         Architecture + Design, 1990
  •                                                                                     Indian Architect & Builder, Jan 1990
  • Church Complex, Panipat                                 Inside Outside, Feb 1990
  • IGNCA, Delhi                                                    Architecture + Design, Dec 1988