• Gautam Bhatia is a Delhi based
    architect, writer and artist.
  • A recipient of several awards
    for his buildings...
  • He has published books on
    architecture and satire...
  • His sculpture and drawings...
  • ...have been displayed in
    India and abroad

AR. GAUTAM BHATIA - A Delhi based architect, writer and artist

Mr. Gautam Bhatia is a connoisseur of thought provoking words, images and spaces. His architecture isn’t merely bricks and stones, but a weighed balance of well-crafted stories that evolve from his training as a writer, and a keen eye for detail and spaces emerging out of his further explorations into Architecture. Over the span of 3 decades, the practice has carved its niche in the residential and institutional projects and expanded beyond the creative realms.A long list of achievements is in itself a testament to his proficiency as a multi-talented professional.

What sets him apart is the ingenuity with which his designs emerge out of artistic and visual expressions of the site, his thought provoking words that prompt the readers to question the established quos and the sculptures that hold a mirror to the society.

“Without play there is no work, and without work play is meaningless.”